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What do you need to enjoy your dream career?

Focus? Calm, clarity and an end to the overwhelm? A raise? A title upgrade? Bigger responsibilities? A peak performance, powerhouse team? International clients? A job on the other side of the planet?  A multiple six-figure salary? Executive suite?  Board seat? Your own business? More time for the rest of life?

A moment to breathe and enjoy the uplevel you just did?

Help with navigating this new level you’ve arrived at?

My team and I can coach you through all of these, because we’ve been there, and done that. We’ve distilled the best of attention neuroscience training developed at Google with leadership know-how from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. We’ve combined that with a host of other certifications and decades of international business, aerospace, ocean, mentoring and coaching experience across enormously varied disciplines to support you.

The top athletes and business people in the world have one thing in common. They all have coaches helping them step into their greatness. So can you.

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What clients say about working with me:


say they remain calm in challenging situations


say they Bounce back faster from a setback

Data gathered through independent third-party assessment.


say they Feel more confident having difficult conversations

“I was looking for a way to improve my balance and focus. I didn’t think I would feel comfortable opening up as much as I did. I always found the way Hanna steered the conversation to be valuable and considered. Restructuring my day to get things done before the time-drains has allowed me to deliver as well as fire fight. I now feel calm and in control.”

Ben Scott-Robinson

Co-Founder, Small Robot Company

“I was successfully exiting one business, ending another, and starting a new position in a corporate environment. So much change in so little time was a lot to take in and I needed to recalibrate who I was all over again. It’s so easy to get lost and overwhelmed in the moments. Working with Hanna to temporarily silence life’s other noises allows intuition to take control and get to the core needs and desires of my mind, my body, and my life’s trajectory. After a session I always have direction and clarity. I feel calm and focused and know what I need to do next, which is very comforting. I have always been comfortable with risk but now I get to expand that horizon into vulnerability. Letting some walls down has allowed me to see my life and my decisions with significantly more clarity and increased my peace of mind.”

Danielle Leighton

Founder & CEO, Entrepreneur, Expert, and Consultant in the Energy Sector

“Hanna asks questions in such a way that not just doors but whole worlds open up. Struggling and stuckness felt lonely and frustrating. I know how much potential I have. I’ve got no shortage of ideas but I can go in circles starting new projects and abandoning others when they get complicated. Hanna was able to help me see my delay tactics, the ways I question and distract myself and she showed me how to orient myself to a vision of my future self that makes me want to sing and dance. I’ve got a deadline for my book proposal that is real and about to be met. And a plan to finish my book by June, which I hadn’t thought possible until Hanna questioned my doubts.”

Sue Jaye Johnson

Writer, Activist, Film Producer, TEDx Speaker

“I was feeling overwhelmed with being crazy busy and dealing with impostor syndrome. Hanna’s advice is based on science, logic and reason not just fluffy mumbo jumbo nor the kind of support you get from your girl friends “you’ll be fine, just relax, you know you’re great”, which is lovely but doesn’t actually provide any means to resolve the issue. Hanna’s stress managing tools are simple and easy to implement but very effective and portable. I slapped down an abusive bully in a very controlled and dignified manner. He didn’t know how to react. He hasn’t confronted me since. I can prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed getting out of control like it used to. I feel empowered. I have gained back my confidence and belief in myself.”

Catherine Pratt

Chief Operating Officer, Small Robot Company

"You are quick to see my patterns/resistance/habits that aren't serving me and you can remind me when I am in one of those familiar places again spinning my wheels."

– Sue Jaye Johnson, Writer, Activist and Private Coaching client

"It cleared my path and connected me with other people. It was an amazing experience! I was able to focus on myself and see what I really want to do next in my life and why."

– Course participant

"Hanna's training also helped drop communication barriers amongst my colleagues. As a result, our team communicates with less ego, less posturing and more transparency.”

– Dustin K.

"You strengthened our team by being inclusive and kind always. High fives! I’d love to work with you again anytime!!”

– Melanie P.

"I learned some tools and conceptual frameworks that are helpful for me."

– Course participant

“While working with Hanna on meditation techniques, I found her to be sincere, approachable, and utterly delightful."

– Kim P.

"Hanna’s insight into typical human behaviors and the impact those behaviors have on mental well-being and workplace cohesiveness was very helpful."

-Kim P.

"Through Hanna’s coaching, our staff gained awareness and acquired the tools to practice mindfulness in the workplace and beyond. Thank you, Hanna!”

– Kim P.

"The whole experience was valuable, but the ability to focus in and spend time with people that support it was very valuable for me."

– Course Participant

“It’s easy to fall into habitual states of thinking and action but Hanna helped me become more aware of my mental state and how to guide it towards a positive, less-stressed and more productive mindset."

– Dustin K.

"Hanna has an amazing way of holding space and presence during the program. Incredible scope of knowledge and comfort with the material."

– Course participant

"After working with Hanna, I realized that the tiniest of changes can have a huge impact."

– Stacey P.

"Hanna's stories were intriguing and showed depth to the information presented. She exuded subject expertise and spoke with a calm confidence."

– Course participant

"Being mindful, and taking time just to be present in the moment, has influenced every aspect of my life! In our non-stop, crazy, media filled world it is important to make time for yourself.”

– Stacey P.

"Hanna has a calm but commanding presence. She speaks clearly, has great personal stories and examples to share and looks around the room to connect with audience."

– Course participant

"Hanna was very good at presenting the material in a direct, engaging, and lucid manner."

– Course participant

“Hanna, it's been a great year teaming with you! Poised and professional — you inspire confidence and calm even in a flurry of activity."

– Melanie P.

"Reinforced the skills I have been trying to learn for a couple years now (mindfulness) and added more ideas and skills to my toolbox.“

– Course participant

I was familiar with much of the material but this program is masterful in teaching how to apply this powerful information to transforming personal, professional and global systems. A significant deepening of how to bring mindfulness and heart to my leadership."

– Course participant