TRAJECTORY OPTIMIZATION FOR Bold women, our male allies AND the places we work.


I’m a former aerospace executive, retired motorcycle racer and pro action sports instructor turned professional Coach to third culture and international business women and their male allies.

My mission is to train one million women into positions of needle-moving personal and professional influence across the planet, because for too many years in aerospace I was the only woman at the negotiating table.

I’ve distilled the best of attention neuroscience training developed at Google with leadership know-how from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, and combined that with a host of other certifications, 20+ years of international aerospace business experience and 30+ years of teaching, mentoring and coaching across enormously varied disciplines.

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You should know I've also:

  •  Mapped uncharted dive sites in the Straits of Hormuz,
  • Taught millionaire’s families how to ski,
  • Surfed virgin breaks in East Africa,
  • Talked my way into double-the-salary jobs,
  • Completely upended my life more than once,
  • Moved to the other side of the planet, three times,
  • Raced motorcycles against the guys,
  • Sold upwards of nine figures USD of hardware & services in my industry,
  • Out-negotiated the other side, and
  • Totally geeked out on ocean and space tech…

Because some, or all of these things may inform how I work with you as my client.

My clients describe themselves as:

  • Smart,
  • Hardworking,
  • Resourceful,
  • Successful,
  • Driven…

what they actually mean is they:

  • SLAY and make their inner Starbuck/Capt Picard proud,
  • Sometimes find the Executive suite a lonely place,
  • See their multinational experience as a superpower,
  • Feel overwhelmed, but can’t talk about it openly, and
  • Need some help figuring out their next move.