Welcome to your Trajectory boost

A six month one on one coaching program designed to elevate you to consistent control and influence.


Grow your power, reach YOUR impossible-seeming goals and feel calm and focused while you do it.

The skills you’ll learn in the Trajectory BOOST will help you:

Unleash your inner decision confidence
Gain total clarity on what you really want
Powerfully grow your influence and network
Invite allies to play bigger - and get their yes
Successfully own the room in the face of challenges
Communicate your goals clearly and effectively
Lead with legitimacy and groundedness
Build resilience for the long game

Want to see if Hanna can help elevate you to consistent control, respect and influence?

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What’s Included


PRIVATE Coaching

Two Private Coaching sessions each month.


Practical, field -tested tools to use immediately

We build skills through real world practice.  Homework assignments consist of trying the skills learned in real life.

Getting Your True Bearings: Calibration of your internal navigation and information systems for foolproof situation reading and decision making.

Setting The Destination: Clarifying the exact where, when and how of your goals, and priming your neural and body circuitry for success.

Building Momentum: No-one succeeds alone. identifying and enrolling potential allies in ways that turn them into your biggest supporters and promoters.

Accelerating: Generating the courage to lead. Inviting your allies and challengers to play a much bigger game – of your choosing. Staying focused under pressure.

Unshakeable Power Plays: Owning the room, even in the face of self-doubt or challenge. Acting with Power. Uncovering the real stakes in any negotiation and playing bigger.

Legitimate Leadership: Asking clearly for what you want and getting more than you ever thought possible.

Between-session support

Between-session support via voice, video and test using the Voxer app.


Written, spoken and felt exercises

Step-by-step instructions for exercises in written, verbal and felt form to ensure we anchor your learning.

Suggestions and opportunities to take the material out of the learning environment and into your work and home life for immediate testing and results.

Easily accessible private course notes, shareable with Hanna.

Private Coaching Platform

Access to a members-only coaching platform with additional audio, video and written resources. Our platform is not part of any social media network.


Bonus: VIP Days

The six month coaching program includes two 1:1 VIP Days with Hanna


Who is this program for?


If you’ve ever found yourself questioning your abilities despite knowing you’re up to the task, this program is for you.


If you’ve ever found yourself feeling you have to prove you belong in the room when you clearly do, this program is for you.


If you’ve ever felt you’ve lost your self in the process of chasing your professional success, this program is for you.


If you’ve ever found yourself speechless at a critical moment despite slaying at other times, this program is for you.


If you’ve ever folded in the face of a direct challenge only to think of the perfect parry much later, this program is for you.


If you’re sick of office or family politics and want to play in a way that makes them fun, engaging and effective, this program is for you.

How it works


Two, one-on-one VIP days with Hanna to jump start your Trajectory Boost.


Two, one-on-one private coaching calls per month with Hanna.


Text, voice and video support from Hanna between private coaching sessions.


Written, spoken and felt exercises are assigned in a custom format to address your challenges and create powerful breakthroughs.


Together with Hanna, you work on uprooting limiting beliefs, undoing good-girl conditioning, liberating your imagination and increasing your ability to ask for what you want, and get it.


Throughout the program Hanna remains your trusted confidante, truth-teller, supporter, coach and teacher. This is where you have the conversations you cannot have anywhere else.

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