Corporate programs

Transformational experiences backed by world experts in neuroscience, attention training and emotional intelligence.

Bringing SEARCH INSIDE YOURSELF™  to your organization can help employees:

What participants gain from the workshop


Increased self-awareness and self-regulation

The first two core emotional intelligence competencies.

practical take-away skills

A range of mindfulness practices, journaling, and techniques for self-awareness, empathetic listening, and preparing for difficult conversations.

Communication Tools

Tools to communincate with inisght and awareness of pthers’ emotions and perspectives.

How IT Works

Search Inside Yourself™ (SIY) is an interactive training delivered over two days, followed by four weeks of recommended, guided peer-to-peer practices to sustain and integrate learning and self-directed growth from the inside out.

Originally developed at Google, SIY uses a science-based approach that combines neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. The training helps people build the emotional intelligence skills needed for well-being, sustained peak performance, strong collaboration, and effective leadership.

The program includes sessions on mindfulness (the science of being present), self-awareness (understanding your thoughts, emotions and habits), self-management (skillfully managing your impulses and reactions), motivation (aligning your values and work), empathy (understanding others’ feelings and experiences) and leadership (influencing with compassion).

I am proud to have completed a rigorous certification process and study of neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and leadership, coupled with training conducted with experienced Search Inside Yourself™ (SIY) teachers and field experts the above disciplines. Certification by a panel of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute™ (SIYLI) faculty enables me to offer the program to organizations and individuals.

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what’s included in the workshop

  • An overview of the neuroscience supporting mindfulness and emotional intelligence.
  • A deep dive into the emotional intelligence capacities: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and leadership.
  • Practical exercises to focus attention and develop self- awareness and empathy, the foundation for self-mastery and leadership.
  • Specific workplace and social applications to help participants achieve greater focus, emotional balance, empathy and motivation.
  • A highly interactive experience, with 1/3 presentation and 2/3 hands-on exercises.
  • A 28-day challenge following the 2-day program. Daily resources and exercises are provided to help people build new habits after the training.
  • At the in-person workshops, a two delicious three-course, local, organic, vegeterian lunches, tea, coffee, snacks and water.
  • At virtual workshops, plenty of down time between learning modules for socializing and taking care of life!

peak performance through practical, mindful leadership

Independent third-party evaluation has found the SIY program reduces stress, improves focus, raises peak performance, and improves interpersonal relationships in teams across a wide range of industries. These results are measurable well beyond the immediate “post-training effect.”

Executive Development

Create a culture of focus, resilience and high performance from the top down. Search Inside Yourself Executive Programs train senior leaders to embody presence and emotional intelligence to transform your organization.

Introductory Programs for Teams and Events

Select from a wide range of inspiring and interactive introductory talks, either in a keynote or ½-day format that give a practical and experiential introduction to mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Book Hanna to speak at your team event, offsite or all-hands. 

Custom Programs

Explore the best fit for your organization. We can create custom solutions, building on the success of our existing programs. We take a mindfulness-based approach to developing resilience, innovation, outstanding leadership, inclusion, collaboration and psychological safety. 



say they remain calm in challenging situations


say they Bounce back faster from a setback


say they Feel more confident having difficult conversations

Data gathered through independent third-party assessment.
"It cleared my path and connected me with other people. It was an amazing experience! I was able to focus on myself and see what I really want to do next in my life and why."
– Course participant
"Hanna's training also helped drop communication barriers amongst my colleagues. As a result, our team communicates with less ego, less posturing and more transparency.”
– Dustin K.
"You strengthened our team by being inclusive and kind always. High fives! I’d love to work with you again anytime!!”
– Melanie P.
"I learned some tools and conceptual frameworks that are helpful for me."
– Course participant
“While working with Hanna on meditation techniques, I found her to be sincere, approachable, and utterly delightful."
– Kim P.
"Hanna’s insight into typical human behaviors and the impact those behaviors have on mental well-being and workplace cohesiveness was very helpful."
-Kim P.
"Through Hanna’s coaching, our staff gained awareness and acquired the tools to practice mindfulness in the workplace and beyond. Thank you, Hanna!”
– Kim P.
"The whole experience was valuable, but the ability to focus in and spend time with people that support it was very valuable for me."
– Course Participant
“It’s easy to fall into habitual states of thinking and action but Hanna helped me become more aware of my mental state and how to guide it towards a positive, less-stressed and more productive mindset."
– Dustin K.
"Hanna has an amazing way of holding space and presence during the program. Incredible scope of knowledge and comfort with the material."
– Course participant
"After working with Hanna, I realized that the tiniest of changes can have a huge impact."
– Stacey P.
"Hanna's stories were intriguing and showed depth to the information presented. She exuded subject expertise and spoke with a calm confidence."
– Course participant
"Being mindful, and taking time just to be present in the moment, has influenced every aspect of my life! In our non-stop, crazy, media filled world it is important to make time for yourself.”
– Stacey P.
"Hanna has a calm but commanding presence. She speaks clearly, has great personal stories and examples to share and looks around the room to connect with audience."
– Course participant
"Hanna was very good at presenting the material in a direct, engaging, and lucid manner."
– Course participant
"Reinforced the skills I have been trying to learn for a couple years now (mindfulness) and added more ideas and skills to my toolbox.“
– Course participant
I was familiar with much of the material but this program is masterful in teaching how to apply this powerful information to transforming personal, professional and global systems. A significant deepening of how to bring mindfulness and heart to my leadership."
– Course participant

Who attends Search Inside Yourself™?

People attend Search Inside Yourself for many reasons, including career development and experiencing the program before bringing it to their company.

The program is appropriate and immediately applicable for individuals at any level of an organization from CEOs to front-line staff, and from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies, high schools and higher education organizations.

Some attendees are new to mindfulness and meditation, while others are longtime practitioners. 

You’ll be in good company: organizations who have brought SIY to their employees through the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute include:  

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