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“I’ve got you.”

When was the last time someone said this to you in your *professional* life and you knew they meant it?

Meant it, as in: “I’ve got your back whatever happens, you can talk to me about any aspect of what you’re going through, I will not judge you for any of it, and together we’ll figure out what your next moves are because I believe in you and my calling is to enable you to go higher than you thought possible”?

For many women, the answer to that question is “never.”

And yet, we can all imagine how good that would feel.

To have *that* kind of ally.

Unflinching support. No matter what.

We can imagine how good would it feel to have that kind of support from someone who, like you, has worked their way up in aerospace or a similarly technical field.

Someone who’s lived the realities of being the only woman in the room, the only person of their race in the room, the only person speaking (or not speaking) a certain language in the room.

Someone who knows what it takes to get past stuckness, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, lack of focus, difficulty making decisions or lack of motivation and  get some momentum going.

Someone who did all that, and cracked the code on how to get the raise, the promotion, the recognition, the respect without losing oneself in the process.

Someone who has a decades-long cache of coaching and mentoring skills, tactics and strategy to choose from in helping you get what YOU want.

Someone who is willing to take stand for you getting what you want.

This is who I am for my clients.

I usually work with my clients for a minimum of 6-12 months. But once a year I open up just five slots for women in aerospace or other technical fields who want to take one day to strategize and plan for focused, decisive action to get past an issue that’s keeping them stuck or playing below their ability.

I call this a VIP Higher Orbit Strategy Day.

If “I’ve got you” resonates for you, comment with your favorite emoji below.

If you’re interested in a VIP Higher Orbit Strategy Day contact me saying “Give me momentum!” and I’ll send you the details.