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In my last article I mentioned the three skills I believe we need to equip every woman with, to ensure she can take control of her career and life trajectory for good.

The first skill is mastery in reading our internal guidance systems.

The Western world, and Western business in particular, operates mostly on the belief that our bodies are simply the things that carry our brains from once meeting to another. But science is starting show that this is very much not the case. In fact, in addition to non-verbal communication, our bodies carry and communicate a great deal of information which is salient to much of the decision making we face in our day-to-day lives.

We ignore this information system at our peril.

For years women’s intuition was dismissed as a frippery, not meant for the seriousness of the business world. No more. That gut feel, the sense of knowing, is now scientifically proven to be far more accurate than most corporate trainers or managers would have you believe. What’s more, that internal guidance system can be fine-tuned so that positive and negative reactions are clearly distinguishable, even in the face of contradictory messages from our thought processes.

We have been taught to dismiss or distrust those signals yet, with the exception of traumatized bodies where the signals can be scrambled, they are rarely wrong. It takes time to relearn to accurately read these signals, but the improvement in our ability to do so is immediate. Think of a time when your gut knew that what was being said was wrong. That sinking, icky, heavy feeling? It was right on the money, even if the brain was temporarily fooled. So let’s promote our internal guidance systems to be an equal part of decision making.

Why is this so important?

Because with the ability to read those clear body signals and our trust in them, we make decisions confidently, judge situations accurately and hear the conversation under the words being said.

All of which are crucial to playing a bigger, more confident game in our lives.

In listening to this inner knowing we also become completely and utterly clear on what our true goals are, so we can align our work and lives and the trajectory we’re on with the attainment of those goals.

There are many ways to begin the process of tuning in to our internal guidance systems: simple practice, mediation, Qi Gong, even dancing can be a route in. We should also remember that it’s entirely possible to rewire our brains, and in doing so, change our ability to read our bodies’ internal guidance systems, and with them, our trajectories.