YES, YOU – THE Bold HUMAN being.



So, what GIVES?

Recently, despite your best efforts, planning, education and smarts it’s like someone let the air out of your tires. Life just feels….like you’re suddenly swimming through molasses.

You can’t seem to make the next big move, the next big jump in your career or life.  

You’re headed in the wrong direction.

Or, you got to your dream, but you feel…depleted.

The Force is gone.

You can’t seem to communicate impactfully, you’re exhausted having gotten this far, and you can’t talk about it. You apparently don’t have the right connections, and even thinking about them makes you anxious. Motivation has disappeared in a puff of smoke. You have a sense that there’s more to life than….this? You’re out of ideas on your next move, and resentful, and that’s totally unlike you. You’re looking around and thinking “What the…? How do I get my mojo back?”

Hello! I’m Hanna

As your wayfinder, TRAINER and change agent, I see you.

Yep, I’ve been where you are. It sucks.

But trust me, your mojo is there waiting for you.

You’re ready to play much bigger, and to do that you need a whole new set of tools in your superhero tool belt. 

I’ll equip you with those.

Why Work With Me?


Like you, I worked my tail off in early in my career because I knew I wanted to advance. Whatever the company needed, I stepped up, said yes, took it on. I could do anything, and proved it. Like you, I advanced. I sold hundreds of millions of dollars of high-tech aerospace equipment and services, across the globe.

Right up until I burned out. Turbulence shook me awake in First Class on my umpteenth flight over the Pacific Ocean that year, and as I looked around I saw that everyone in that cabin was 10 years older than me, overweight, stressed out and heading for a heart attack. On the outside, everything looked fantastic – great marriage, powerful international career, overseas vacations, killer hobbies. But I felt stuck, I wasn’t headed in the direction I’d intended in my work, my motivation was at an all-time low. And, I was tired of having to fight my corner in a mostly male corporate culture as I was consistently the only woman in the room. In all honesty, I hated where I had ended up. (I bet you’ve had those moments too.) That was my real wake up call. I paused my corporate career a few weeks later and took the first of my “detours”. And came back stronger than ever. So, I know that unexpected changes in direction can look crazy on the outside, when they’re actually setting you up for much bigger success down the road.

I want you to be confident of that, too.


You believe in working your weaknesses until they become your strengths. I do, too.

After I left aerospace the first time, I focused on those. I spent years learning everything I could about business AND the social side of business, neuroscience, attention training, emotional intelligence, leadership, influence – the things you want to study too (or maybe you already are).

And then I went back to aerospace. And this time things were different. That motivation and momentum that seemed lost? I’d regained it.

In five short years, I moved across the country three times, more than doubled my salary, got peacefully and happily divorced without a single lawyer being involved, landed a role as Vice President of Business Development and worked at Sir Richard Branson’s and Paul G. Allen’s space companies.

Those years were the most productive and satisfying of my professional life to that point. I now live in an incredible home, in a place a lot of people choose as a vacation spot, with the love of my life. I am happy and following my true calling; my work doesn’t feel like work, EVER.

I want you to have that kind of momentum and satisfaction, too. 


Credibility. Know-how. Integrity. Connection.

Like you, these are cornerstones to how I work. My side passion all those years had been coaching and mentoring.

And, I wanted to have more impact, for more kickass professionals like you and me. Because for too many years I was the only woman at the negotiating table.

And for years, I watched other women get worn down by corporate culture and leave, and the companies where I worked suffer the consequences of male groupthink and lack of diversity. It was lonely at the top.

So, I took the best of the training that I had: Stanford University Graduate School of Business, the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, (formerly at Google), Martha Beck’s Wayfinder coach training, and Kasia Urbaniak’s Academy Of Power, among many others. And I blended that with hard-won lessons from my decades of international Corporate experience, a host of other certifications and all my time teaching and mentoring.

Because if I’m going to help a multinational kickass professional like you optimize your trajectory, rise, lead and take your allies along with you, well – I’d best bring the A-game, wouldn’t you agree?

What Drives Me To Help You


My first love has always been helping others master something they didn’t know they could do. Being that fulcrum for you is what makes me feel most alive. I taught my first class when I was just 13 years old, and I haven’t stopped. It’s why I became an action sports instructor, an at-risk youth mentor, a mentor leader, an attention trainer, a coach and a University lecturer. After decades in oceanography and aerospace, it’s time for me to fully commit to my calling and help create the corporate and governance world we deserve. I’ll do that by equipping you, the multinational, kickass professional with foolproof methods to get what you want, recruit others to your cause, stave off depletion, regain your motivation and build lives of engagement and meaning for you and your colleagues. So you can stay in the game, and make it better for those who come with you and after you.


For a good 15 years of my aerospace career I was so often the only woman in the room that I can count with one hand the times there was another woman at the negotiating table. It was lonely, and got more so the higher I moved – and at times terrifying. I never want you to have that experience. I’ve created the leadership accelerator Okasa Academy so you don’t – and so we have more women rise to lead. Women can be our greatest allies if we unite, and men can be our greatest allies, if we let them. I also believe that we will become a multi-planetary species within our lifetime. For that to succeed we need more powerful female leaders like you, who can communicate effectively and wield power, so that we women have an equal seat at the table: on Earth, in space and off-planet.

Climate Change

I am astounded that in some parts of the world we’re still having to argue whether climate change is an existential threat to our survival. We need powerful female leadership on this issue. Without healthy oceans our planet will die, so we must act NOW to preserve them. Reducing our plastic waste is only part of the solution. Oceanography is my first love (yes, I’m multi-passionate, in case you haven’t noticed).  I’m a scuba professional, and I volunteer to educate others on the importance of healthy oceans. I support sustainable fisheries and direct conservation action on the ocean.  Google the following: Marine Stewardship Council, Drifters Fish, Coral Gardeners, shark conservation and Sea Shepherd if you’re unsure what I mean.

Family (Born and Chosen)

Every family needs that aunt, who is an impartial, supportive sounding board for her nieces and nephews and teaches them all manner of parent-forbidden things. Maybe you’re an aunt like me, or you’re a Mom, maybe you’re not. I want to help you be the most powerful, expressed, loving example of a female trailblazer you can be, for you, for the boys and girls and colleagues who look up to you. And if you’re a male  professional I’ll help you become the best example of a male ally who really stands for the women in his work and personal life.

It's time for you to control your trajectory.

I’ll equip you with practical, field-tested tools to do just that.

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